Announcer Invents Unfortunate New Baseball Position During Ole Miss-Jacksonville State Game

Liam McKeone
Ole Miss-Jax State
Ole Miss-Jax State /

Last night, Jacksonville State took down Ole Miss in the early days of the college baseball season, 10-6. Things were still tight in the top of the sixth when play-by-play announcer Logan Maddox had a slip of the tongue and invented a new position with quite the unfortunate title.

Introducing the "Designated Hitler."

Whoops. Maddox was probably just breaking down World War II strategy with his booth partner between innings. Discussing Eisenhower's fWAR and things of that nature. Churchill was a replacement-level minister!

To his credit, Maddox quickly apologized and everybody moved on, which is the only way to deal with such slip-ups while on the air.