Colin Kaepernick Was Wearing Socks with Cops Pictured as Pigs During Training Camp

By Jason Lisk

Colin Kaepernick raised a firestorm with his refusal to stand for the national anthem. While a lot of the discussion has centered on military and respect, his stated purpose was because he was protesting police brutality, as he referenced bodies in the street while people were getting paid leave in his comments right after that night.

Well, that wasn’t his first act to show his position as anti-police. Pictures from training camp back on August 10th (h/t: CBS Sports) show Kaepernick wearing socks that depict a police officer as a pig. The image above also captured him walking on to the practice field with a raised fist.

Here are some other photos:

Colin Kaepernick is very misguided. I talked about the San Francisco Police Union demanding an apology from the NFL and 49ers, and expressed my opinion that would not be forthcoming, because issues about whether there were any cases of extra-judicial killing were fair societal discussions. That said, this is no better than the prejudices and stereotypes that Kaepernick is supposedly opposing. This helps nothing. I would be surprised if he is on a roster by next week.

[all images via USA Today Sports Images]