Colin Cowherd Will No Longer Appear on ESPN


Things moved quickly from ESPN’s earlier statement on Colin Cowherd, to MLB demanding an apology. ESPN PR just released the following:

“Colin Cowherd’s comments over the past two days do not reflect the values of ESPN or our employees.  Colin will no longer appear on ESPN.”

Cowherd, as reported last week, was leaving ESPN for Fox when his contract expired. The Dominican player comments came right after that transition was announced. After the firestorm created by his comments, ESPN initially did not castigate Cowherd’s response today, but after MLB demanded an apology, things changed. Cowherd’s appearances were supposed to end on July 31st, so his last official day was going to be next Friday before this happened.

Now, it becomes a Fox issue, and whether Colin Cowherd (on a platform other than ESPN) can make amends to satisfy MLB, who is a big partner with Fox when it comes to baseball broadcasts.

UPDATE: Colin Cowherd issued an apology, without mentioning MLB or the players directly, at about the time this news from ESPN happened