Colin Cowherd's Andy Reid-Bill Belichick Take Includes NSYNC, Will Have You Both Hooting and Hollering


Tom Brady has flourished without Bill Belichick. We didn't know he could do that. We could have predicted that the coach would flounder without his star quarterback based on his track record without Brady. And struggle again he did, to the point he's had a month's worth of sitting around watching his former partner soar with new partners.

Colin Cowherd, in what, all jokes aside, may be as good of a sports radio segment as you can have, explored the idea that Tom Terrific is like Justin Timberlake and Belichick is analogous to Joey Fatone or Lance Bass in a hoodie.

Then, as a sprinkle on top, he made a very reasonable argument that Andy Reid could eventually challenge Belichick as the greatest coach of all time.

This may sound crazy, but it's really not. Last year, The Big Lead posited that he was already an all-time great and multiple Super Bowls will only catapult him closer to the sport's coach Mount Rushmore. Reid has only begun to win with Mahomes and has decades of winning without him in the chamber should the inevitable doubters creep up.

Cowherd earns his fair share of jabs and jokes but it's continuously amazing to see him knock one out of the park every now and then. To make an argument supported by evidence that is both fun and deeply offensive to a passionate fanbase is checking all the boxes.