Colin Cowherd: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Have Big Butts

Liam McKeone
Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Levity has been in short supply while never being more important in our lives. Colin Cowherd kindly provided some during The Herd on Tuesday.

While discussing Boomer Esiason's comments about Joe Burrow and LeBron James, Cowherd somehow got sidetracked into telling a story about a party he attended hosted by Hugh Hefner. At that party was a certain Peyton Manning, and Cowherd took it upon himself to describe Manning's physical attributes in all their glory, including his "big butt."

He proceeded to talk about Tom Brady and his big butt in the same manner. Cowherd's point seemed to be that some NFL players might look slight on the field next to the titans they compete against, but are titans themselves when compared to your average Joe. Things clearly went a bit off the rails. I don't imagine he had "Hugh Hefner Peyton Manning butt" written in his notes, but then again, the inner workings of Cowherd are a mystery to us all.

In summary, he noticed big quarterback butts and he cannot lie.