Colin Cowherd Thinks LeBron James May Sit Out if Humiliated in the NBA Finals

Kyle Koster

Hey, want to hear something crazy? LeBron James may retire after his Cleveland Cavaliers are humiliated in the NBA Finals. So says Colin Cowherd.

Need to be sold? Well, Colin will do his best to sell you on it.

There is a lot going on there in those seven minutes. On its face, the idea seems fairly ludicrous. But Cowherd has sources. And sometimes those sources have loose lips. Then there’s the wild ups and downs of the NBA as a whole in recent years.

Last but not least, anything is possible.

With all of that out of the way, please allow me to get the biggest available bullhorn and shout “NO FREAKING WAY” into the canyon so it echoes mightily. The only conceivable situation in which James retires is if the Cavs win the title with another monumental upset. The appeal of going out on top is tough to overvalue.

Does anyone really think that James (who is great) would miss out on an offseason of courtship? If he’s proven one thing in his career it’s that he wants to be wanted and relishes the spotlight. How could he possibly be content in the embarrassment of another loss to Golden State to the point he throws his hands up and says, “nah, that’s it for me?”

Don’t know about you, but I’m going to pass on purchasing a tinfoil hat on this one.