Swipe Right on Colin Cowherd's QB Tinder Segment

Kyle Koster

Sports expert and restauranteur Colin Cowherd has three hours to fill each weekday and, on the whole, does an extremely good job filling them. But not all segments are created equally in production meetings. QB Tinder is one that stands out because no one wakes up expecting to see it. One minute you're watching a straightforward bit on Kawhi Leonard returning to Toronto and the next you're finding out if the host is inclined to swipe left or swipe right on some guys.

And look, his takes were pretty solid. It hurt me to hear some hard truths about Matthew Stafford, but honesty is important. What's really incredible is the final 30 seconds when Joy Taylor helpfully explains that Tinder isn't really built on the the common goal of a long-term relationship.

Also, if this was some sort of subliminal plug for Farmers Only, consider that goal achieved. Suddenly very curious about what's going on in that scene.