Colin Cowherd Says He's Too Happy to Cover Politics

Liam McKeone
Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd / Jerod Harris/GettyImages

Colin Cowherd was discussing LeBron James today, as everybody is legally obligated to do with The King on the cusp of becoming the NBA's all-time scoring leader. During The Herd, Cowherd launched into a monologue about how people hate LeBron despite his greatness and, as he is wont to do, wandered into a different discussion entirely. Cowherd spoke about how everybody hates everything in the world today as part of a larger societal problem revolving around manufactured outrage, whether it's about LeBron or politics or the weather.

During that discussion Cowherd revealed that, over the course of his career, he's been approached twice by networks asking him to cover politics. Cowherd said he has turned down both opportunities because he is "too happy" to cover politics. He cannot muster true outrage as often as those who cover politics must in order to keep the attention of their audience.

If anything Cowherd couldn't get away with veering as far off topic as he often does in the political television sphere so that's reason enough to stick to sports.

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