Colin Cowherd: The Packers Should Be More Like Wisconsin

Ryan Phillips

The Green Bay Packers have won four games in a row and, at 8-8, could make the NFL playoffs with a win over the Detroit Lions in Week 18. A stout running game has fueled Green Bay's season turnaround and Colin Cowherd has noticed. On Monday, he claimed the Packers should model themselves after Wisconsin football.

Here's what Cowherd had to say:

Wisconsin went 7-6 this season and their coach got fired. Why wouldn't you want to be just like them?

Cowherd's point about the running game is correct though. Aaron Rodgers hasn't had a great season and his perimeter weapons are subpar, so leaning on the run is the smart move. It has worked thus far, meaning maybe there's hope for the Badgers going forward!