Colin Cowherd Is Really Not a Fan of Backwards Hats

Liam McKeone
Colin Cowherd and Carson Wentz
Colin Cowherd and Carson Wentz /

It's a tough time to be Carson Wentz. I mean, other than the fact that he's made millions of dollars already and has over $100 million more in guaranteed dollars coming his way over the next four years. His poor play to start the year has resulted in an avalanche of criticism coming from all directions.

Earlier today, Get Up took him to task. Now, it's Colin Cowherd's turn. But he didn't have as much to say about Wentz's interception count and what have you. It was about Wentz's backwards hat. Colin Cowherd: not a fan of backwards hats.

Even if you dislike Cowherd, this is pretty funny. He leans all the way into the "older sports talk show host has scalding take about modern fashion" archetype. He's clearly loving it, too, retweeting everybody both laughing and criticizing him for it on his Twitter account.

I honestly could not tell you what this man said right after he flipped the cap backwards and entered fully into character. The part about the bank is clear, but the rest is unintelligible. Maybe it's supposed to be a Philly accent? But then again, I, too, turn into a caveman after putting on a backwards hat. Hell, I'm wearing a cap backwards right now and I am stunned I can put words on the page. Hopefully it's not gibberish, but that's why we in the biz love our editors.

Anyway. Safe to say you won't catch Cowherd dead with a backwards hat on. Even if you do, you might have trouble having a conversation with him.