Colin Cowherd Charts Out Mac Jones' Professional Career, Compares Him to Kirk Cousins

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We're hearing more and more about the San Francisco 49ers taking Mac Jones with the third overall pick in the draft and I am personally quite confident that is what's going to happen. I am less confident about Jones' short- and long-term performance in the NFL but that's why Colin Cowherd is hosting a national radio show and I am blogging about it.

Cowherd believes Jones has a firm ceiling. Like Kirk Cousins. He admits that coming out of Alabama will afford him the opportunity to be ready for the big stage, and the Niners will likely do a fair amount of winning with him at the helm. So initially everyone is going to be dunking on the Fox Sports personality for a bad take because people don't have anything better to do.

Kyle Shanahan wants and needs to win now. Trey Lance likely has a higher ceiling. Jones is more of a sure thing than Justin Fields. Jones is the safest option on the board. And Shanahan knows he can move on from Jimmy Garoppolo if his rookie performs as expected.

This all makes sense. And it makes sense because it's not a particularly strong opinion. Kirk Cousins is a middle-of-the-pack quarterback who looks great at times and awful at others. He's yet to take the next step in the playoffs. More likely than not, Jones will be some version of an average quarterback with a real ceiling. Then Cowherd gets the last laugh.

Sharp guy.