Colin Cowherd: LeBron James is Built to Carry Lakers Through Difficult Time

Ryan Phillips
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd took to his radio show on Tuesday and did a poignant segment on LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. He discussed how LeBron's life up to this point has made him "uniquely qualified" to carry the Los Angeles Lakers through this difficult time.

Check it out below:

Cowherd makes great points about LeBron's life and how he's dealt with adversity and risen above it every time. Bryant's death will cast an enormous shadow over the Lakers organization for the foreseeable future. It would be entirely understandable if the team completely collapsed. But it's not hard to see James actually elevating the team and taking them to greater heights in Bryant's memory.

LeBron pledged to carry on Kobe's legacy. Give his life and career to this point, no one is more suited to the task. Cowherd nailed this one.