Colin Cowherd Wasn't Always an Unwavering Supporter of Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson overcame second-half cramps on Monday Night Football to lead the Baltimore Ravens to a thrilling last-minute win over the Cleveland Browns. To do that, Jackson had to lead drives where he had to throw the ball. It's exactly what many people have maintained Jackson was unable to do, so it was a big win for anyone on Team Jackson. A team which Colin Cowherd claimed he was on during his show on Tuesday.

Unfortunately for Cowherd, @BackAftaThis was waiting with the receipts. Warning: Do not take a drink right before watching this because the first one will cause you to do a spit take.

"He's not Sam Darnold. He's not Josh Rosen." The Darnold part is great, but the Rosen mention is just a chef's kiss. It's one of those things where you don't even need to break out the resumes. You just know how bad it is. It's so bad. So embarrassing. Luckily, Cowherd is a pro and this will not bother him. That's why I've always said he's the media version of Tim Tebow 2.0.