Colin Cowherd Brave Enough to Throw Some Water on Lakers' Playoffs Hype

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers will be involved in the NBA's postseason. They've clinched a spot in the Play-In Tournament and could leapfrog the Los Angeles Clippers for the 6th seed in the actual NBA Playoffs if they win the Battle of LA tonight on ESPN. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing and playing well, many fine people are falling all over themselves saying the Lakers not just could, but should win the title.

Not Colin Cowherd though. The Lakers still have a long way to go to even get in the actual playoffs. Then they've got a long playoff run with old LeBron James and fragile Anthony Davis if they want to win a title.

I think we can all agree that yes, there is a chance the Lakers could win the title. It's also very unlikely. So let's just calm down because that hot take has already been hot taken.