Colin Cowherd Says Kawhi Leonard Will Win the NBA Title and Eventually Pass Kevin Durant as a Player

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Colin Cowherd can see the future and the future is Kawhi Leonard, a virtually unknown commodity who he says will someday be bigger than Kevin Durant. Not only will Leonard lead the Los Angeles Clippers to an NBA title in the Disney bubble, but within five years, he will overtake Durant on the list of all-time greats.

So I guess this sounds like a hot take, but is it really? Both guys are great. Kawhi is two years younger, but has played four fewer seasons. Both guys have impressive resumes. One is maybe the greatest pure scorer (whatever that really means) in NBA history. The other is arguably the greatest perimeter defender in NBA history.

They both have two championships and two NBA Finals MVP awards. Durant has made nine All-NBA teams to Kawhi's three. Kawhi has won two Defensive Player of the Year Awards and Durant has won four scoring titles and an MVP.

So I guess whoever has a better twilight of his career might be get the nod as the better player all-time, right? Durant is coming off a devastating Achilles tear. Kawhi is dealing with chronic injury issues. Either of these guys could end up walking away in three years, Kawhi because his boredom catches up with his demeanor or KD because he's producing a documentary on Kawhi Leonard. Only time will tell.