Colin Cowherd Says He Has 'Plenty of Whips at Home'

Ryan Phillips

Colin Cowherd gave us some insight into his home life on Wednesday and it might have been a bit much. He was discussing baseball statistics when he took The Herd right off the sports tracks and into his bedroom. Just watch:

I ... hmmm. OK, so the guy likes whips. Maybe he's an Indiana Jones cosplayer. Maybe he's talking about cars? Dear God I hope so. The knowing look at the camera suggests otherwise, but let's try and get that image out of our head.

Hopefully this was just a bad joke that whiffed. Incidentally, whiff rate is another baseball statistic Cowherd also probably hates.

Cowherd has had a good year, as The Herd won Radio Show of the Year during our 2020 Sports Media Awards. Hopefully he can do some stuff over the next few weeks to erase this whip memory from our minds.