Colin Cowherd: 'Ezekiel Elliott's Career Could Be Over'

Kyle Koster

The Ezekiel Elliott-Jerry Jones drama is good drama because it involves big personalities and a larger-than-life, traffic-driving team. Some jocularity from the Dallas Cowboys owner rubbed the discontented running back the wrong way and no one’s really laughing now. We here in the content mills are indebted to all sides for letting this drag on so long. And, if we’re being greedy, it would be great if the rather outrageous, yet delicious, scenario laid out by Colin Cowherd on his show this afternoon came to pass.

Jones freezing out Elliott and and getting into a high-stakes game of chicken would be incredible. Imagine wasting two years of Dak Prescott’s prime. Imagine how spicy things would get if the Cowboys stumbled to a losing record and Elliott was just sitting there in timeout, waiting to be tagged and bagged.

It’s not going to happen, but what if? More than likely another suitor would sweep in with an attractive offer for the running back’s services. It’d be a stubborn standoff and it’s tough to truly know which side would blink first.

Cowherd’s point about Jones’ leverage is a good one, though, and it’s something that’s been undervalued in all the discussion. The NFL is increasingly short for Not Freaking Logical so it’s possible things spin wildly off their axis. Certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to experience from afar.