Colin Cowherd: Drew Brees Should Be the NFL Logo

Stephen Douglas
Drew Brees
Drew Brees / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Drew Brees set all sorts of records on Monday Night Football to cap Week 15. Following his nearly flawless performance, people are suddenly giving him the nod over Tom Brady as the GOAT quarterback. While he may not be calling him the greatest, Colin Cowherd says that Brees is the perfect example of what a Hall of Fame quarterback looks like because he came from nowhere and no one believed in him.

Brees was mostly unrecruited out of high school. He's still too short and he has dealt with some serious injuries that should have derailed his career. The Chargers got rid of him in favor of Philip Rivers. The Dolphins passed on him because of injury concerns. Now he's thrown 461 touchdown passes, all just for the Saints. If he hadn't spent the start of his career with the Chargers, he'd still have the 5th most touchdown passes of all-time right now.

It's a compelling case, but I'm not sure the NFL is ready for a logo change just yet. Whatever Brees' official standing in the all-time quarterback rankings, he's a reminder to everyone that all you need to be the best is a strong work ethic, an incredible amount of skill, and the right opportunity.