Colin Cowherd Appears to be Rob Manfred's Only Defender

Ryan Phillips
Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Colin Cowherd doesn't care what you think. He's going to defend MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. After the last few weeks, it seems every voice in sports media is condemning Manfred's ineptitude, but Cowherd is riding in to defend him.

Cowherd starts his defense by claiming we will have a baseball season in 2020 -- which may still be true. He also claims being a commissioner is a tough job so we shouldn't be too harsh on Manfred, especially due to baseball's history of labor strife.

The segment is below:

Cowherd makes some fair points, but Manfred has looked like a hack over the past few months. He was supposed to be MLB's great negotiator and he can't even get the owners and players to talk to each other.

There's always labor strife in sports and it's hard to find a time when one of the major sports wasn't dealing with it. But this feels different. Baseball was already headed for a crossroads when the current collective bargaining agreement runs out in 2021. This is just the opening salvo in that battle. And Manfred has handled it horribly.

It's really hard to defend the commissioner right now. Unless, of course, you're Colin Cowherd.