Colin Cowherd Declares Jets Season Over After Week 1


Colin Cowherd’s peak comes during NFL season. Attention on his takes of various temperature is never greater than when the most popular sport in the world is rolling through its season. Following the news of Sam Darnold’s potentially lengthy absence from the field as a result of mono (??), Cowherd has decided this Jets season is already a wash.

While I’d personally pump the brakes on the dysfunction aspect of things given how unusual this mono situation is, Cowherd actually isn’t saying anything crazy here. If Darnold doesn’t come back before their Week 4 bye (a strong possibility), they’ll go up against the Browns and Patriots with *checks notes* Trevor Siemian as their starter. The three games after the bye are a road game against the Eagles, a home game against Dallas, and the Patriots again, this time in Foxboro. Given the fact that Le'Veon Bell might also be banged up and they just lost one of their top receivers for the year in Quincy Enunwa, would anyone be surprised if they didn’t win a game until it was nearly Halloween?

A real tough break for the Jets here, but Cowherd isn’t hating for the sake of hating. He has a point, and unless Siemian proves to be the second coming of Nick Foles, it might be an ugly month of football.