Colin Cowherd: The Dallas Cowboys Are an Adam Sandler Movie

Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys struggled mightily to put away the Houston Texans on Sunday before eventually escaping with a 27-23 victory. A win's a win and America's Team is now 10-3 with an excellent chance to secure the No. 2 seed in the NFC. We've tried our very best to not have every Monday serve as an opportunity to say Dallas is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or a franchise that should be both relegated and dismantled, yet the preeminent sports shouters continue that tradition.

Except for Colin Cowherd, the only person to truly understand what the Cowboys actually are. Which is an Adam Sandler movie. Allow him to explain as only he can.

"I don't go high and low on the Cowboys," he said. "They're an Adam Sandler film. I kinda know what I'm getting. Not going to win an Oscar. Some are better than others."

This year's team certainly has shown flashes of being able to ascend to Uncut Gems levels. Yesterday they looked like they were slapping things together as they went on, like one of the Grown Ups vacations the Sandman takes with all his friends. Next week it could be Hubie Halloween if Dak Prescott is asked to throw 50 times. That's what makes it fun.