Colin Cowherd Uses Metaphor to Explain Sports Thing

Kyle Koster

Radio listeners and television viewers alike were treated to some of the most groundbreaking communicative work since Marconi and Farnsworth this afternoon as Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd used a non-sports thing to explain a sports thing. Linguistic experts are calling it a metaphor. It is unclear if the general public is ready for this to become a common way to dissect sports, but once the toothpaste is out of the tube, there's no clean way to put it back in.

Cowherd cleverly used the concept of a blockbuster movie to break down the recent business with the Dallas Cowboys and uncertainty over their desire and ability to snatch up Earl Thomas.

"It's just fun and cotton candy," he said. "I can't take the Cowboys seriously."

Just like the Academy never really takes the summer popcorn movies all that seriously when it comes time to hand out the shiny awards!

Folks, I do not want to overstate the importance of what we are seeing here. Perhaps it's prudent to see if Cowherd or another sports pundit uses the method tomorrow to paint a vivid picture. Then and only then can we know that this newfangled thing has staying power.