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Colin Cowherd Tells Creepy Clown Story to a Horrified Joy Taylor

Ryan Phillips

Joy Taylor is terrified of clowns and it just so happens Colin Cowherd has an incredibly creepy clown story. During Tuesday's episode of The Herd, Cowherd recounted a story of jogging in a remote area of Portland when he ran smack into a smoking clown. Like you do. Taylor was not having it.

Here's the clip:

First off, if anyone ever says, "Oh, did I ever tell you my clown story?" Run. Do not look back. Second: the best line by far: "Ronald McDonald with a rocket in his mouth." Well done, Colin.

Yeah, sorry, if I was jogging alone and ran into Pennywise I'd probable be throwing punches then sprinting away screaming. You're not making me float you bastard!

Do not want. At all.