Colin Cowherd: Cincinnati Bengals Got a Brutal Schedule

Kyle Koster

Any hope Cincinnati Bengals fans had for major success in Joe Burrow's rookie year was short-lived as Colin Cowherd has revised his official win projections in the wake of new information. The radio host, reacting to last night's NFL schedule reveal, explained how the slate-makers didn't do Cincy any favors. Therefore, he has no choice but to downgrade his projection of wins from five to four, or possibly three.

Cowherd makes some very reasonable points.

The Bengals have to face six of the seven top pass rushes with a rookie quarterback, short camp, and a young coach. Four of those are on the road. The closing stretch also includes teams likely to be fighting for playoff spots.

This is the exact type of analysis a smart person would do. And no one really knows what's going to happen because it's sports and the unpredictability is its biggest selling point.

I wonder -- perhaps naively -- why, then, offer up projected win totals before the schedule becomes available if they can be swing so severely in either direction. The pit in my stomach says the answer is likely, as it tends to be, content.