Colin Cowherd's Cat is Adorable and Perfect Twitter Fodder

Colin Cowherd's cat.
Colin Cowherd's cat. /

These last couple of weeks have been interesting on Twitter. There's the relentless barrage of coronavirus updates, free agency news around the NFL and, what I would call, distraction posts. You know, the funny videos, memes and animal pictures/videos that give the bored workers of this country a needed distraction in the middle of the day.

Enter Colin Cowherd, who introduced the world to his cat on Twitter today. Or maybe he had previously and I just didn't notice. Honestly, who would have? It didn't matter PC (pre-coronavirus). Now it's all that does matter because Cowherd has one damn cute cat and it was the prefect distraction for me on a lazy Sunday.

Is that an English Shorthair? Or maybe a Scottish Fold? Or is it a Ragamuffin? Honestly, I don't care. Looking up all those cat breeds (and learning they exist) is exactly what the world needs in these crazy days.

PS: I did some internet sleuthing and it turns out Colin has introduced us to his cat (and dog) before. Here's some more from Colin's favorite furry friends.

That was fun!