Colin Cowherd Calls Baker Mayfield and the Browns 'The NFL's Best Frat House'

Ryan Phillips

Colin Cowherd took his feud with Baker Mayfield in a different direction on Monday as he responded to Mayfield chugging a beer at a Cleveland Indians game over the weekend. The Indians tried to get ahead of this rant by calling out Cowherd with a fake quote on Twitter, but it was in vain. Cowherd said Mayfield and his Cleveland Browns currently look like “the NFL’s best frat house.”

Check out the segment below:

Cowherd opened the segment by talking about how Mayfield is a lot of fun and a showman, but quickly pivoted to calling the Browns a frat house. And pointing out that a fraternity is the most fun during “rush week” not finals week. Finals week is when the guys who study do well. In this analogy, finals for the NFL come during the playoffs and the guys who study are Bill BelichickSean McVay, etc.

Honestly, I have no problem with Mayfield shotgunning a beer during a baseball game to get a crowd pumped up. That said, Cowherd will have a point if the Browns don’t come through this year. When you’re the NFL’s darling, it’s all fun and games until the season starts. If the Browns don’t prove they’re more than just a bunch of hype, Cowherd could be proven right.

Mayfield and the Browns are now under intense scrutiny after the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. It’s no longer time to build in Cleveland, it’s time to win. The time for fun is over.