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Colin Cowherd Had a Blood Clot in His Lung Over Super Bowl Weekend

Ryan Phillips
Colin Cowherd
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Colin Cowherd took to Instagram Tuesday evening to address why has missed both episodes of The Herd this week. It turns out, the 57-year-old had a pretty major health scare over the weekend, as a small blood clot was discovered in his right lung.

Cowherd says he was having dinner with his wife Saturday night when he felt sharp pain on the right side of his chest. He was rushed to the emergency room by a friend and X-rays discovered the clot. He did test negative for COVID-19 twice, so this does not appear related to the virus.

Here's the video Cowherd posted addressing it:

That's really scary. We wish Colin a speedy recovery, and hope everything turns out OK. He says they're still waiting for some blood work to come back and help figure out how this happened.

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Cowherd missed his show on Monday. The day after the Super Bowl is usually huge for sports radio, so when the host of a national flagship show is out, it will get noticed. Nick Wright filled in on both Monday and Tuesday.

Hopefully Cowherd is back on the air soon.