Colin Cowherd Would Prefer His Franchise Quarterbacks *Not* See Aliens

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield / David Eulitt/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield tweeted that he saw a UFO last night. Knowing that Baker Mayfield saw a UFO, football fans had one question on their minds and it was not whether the truth was out there. Everyone wanted to know what Colin Cowherd would have to say about this.

Baker Mayfield has been a favorite target of Cowherd's over the years. From the way he wears his hat to the type of car he is, Cowherd has gotten a ton of mileage out of Mayfield over the last couple years. But what would he say about this sighting? Would he tell his audience he prefers a quarterback more focus on RPOs than UFOs?

Cowherd would prefer his franchise quarterbacks not talk about aliens, but he had to admit that Aaron Rodgers has also seen a UFO. Kind of like Tom Brady with a backwards hat. When you win, you get to do those types of things.