Cody Parkey Stepped Up And Answered Questions Like A Pro After Devastating Missed Field Goal

Ryan Phillips

Cody Parkey had the worst moment of his football career Sunday night. The Chicago Bears kicker missed a 43-yard field goal that could have sent his team to the divisional round of the playoffs. Despite all that, he stood up and answered questions in the locker room afterwards.

Parkey took ownership of the missed kick that gave the Philadelphia Eagles a 16-15 win. He said it was “one of the worst feelings in the world” to let his team down and that he felt terrible.


Honestly, all the outrage aimed at Parkey is pointless now that we know the kick was actually tipped at the line. So it wasn’t actually his fault. But it’s safe to assume that he didn’t know that based on his answers.

We expect professionals to act professionally after games, but oftentimes they don’t. MVPs have walked out on tough questions before, Cam Newton famously bounced in the middle of his Super Bowl press conference.

I know it seems like a small thing, but kudos to Parkey for facing the music like a professional.