12-Year-Old Cody Bellinger Homering Has Us Pondering the Multiverse and the Impermanence of Time


We could all do ourselves a great service by walking in the footsteps of the Meme version of Cody Bellinger. Contemplating the wonders of the universe as they exist in one's own mind is never a good walk spoiled. Many of us yearn to reach the euphoric homeostasis of permanent Global Brain.

So what, then, do we make of this highlight video of Bellinger excelling in the 2007 Little League World Series, which was very much known but is riding new life in the market place of ideas? The then-12-year-old clocked in at an underwhelming yet ferocious 5-feet-1 and 87 pounds. His favorite player was Manny Ramirez and, despite being eliminated by the eventual champions, showcased his potential.

Here's where we landed. If the Multiverse Theory is true, then there may be in existence in which people age in reverse a la Benjamin Button — current and indefinite titleholder for spawning the most overused headline construction. In that universe, would the reverse-aging players play in the Little League World Series first (in their 20s and 30s) or in the big leagues first (in their early teens)? And which event would be bigger? One could posit that the LLWS would be the big one with the huge rights fees and what not.

Continuing down that road: would every universe constructed like that have the same version of Taco Bell or are there limitless versions of Taco Bell available? Is there one that runs a similar stolen base promotion but where a person has to pay to not eat a taco?

And what of Mookie Betts? He's probably a bad baseball player on some event horizons. You know what? Let's not get crazy.