Cockroach Absolutely Slays Met Gala Arrival


The Met Gala was Monday night and all the celebrities put on ridiculous clothes and looked beautiful, hoping against hope that Jason DeRulo would fall down the stairs for real and they'd get to rub elbows with someone important who could advance their careers. Jared Leto wore a cat suit and Karl Lagerfeld tributes were diverse enough to really pop.

But no one turned heads like a coachroach who literally made a meal of their arrival on the fancy carpet, causing quite a stir.

Tremendous footage. The harried cries from the paparazzi convincing a photographer to simply snap a picture of the insect instead of stamping out its life. The genuine excitement of New Yorkers seeing a cockroach out in the wild and not invading their studio apartment. Delightful.

Although, what a big miss for none of the assembled masses asking the cockroach who it was wearing. That's elite comedy right there.