Coach K Interrupts Wendell Moore Jr During Press Conference: 'Let me talk'

2022 Men's ACC Basketball Tournament - Championship
2022 Men's ACC Basketball Tournament - Championship / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Virginia Tech beat Duke, 82-67, in the ACC Tournament Final on Saturday. It was another disappointing loss for Duke's Mike Krzyzewski as Coach K has now lost his final regular season game and final ACC tournament game. Duke has now lost two of their last four games as they head into K's final NCAA Tournament.

After the loss to the Hokies, Coach K sat at the podium next to Wendell Moore Jr. and Trevor Keels. A reporter asked Moore a question, which he was doing a fine job answering when Coach K inserted himself, saying, "Let me talk."

At 75 years old and having lost two of four games heading into his final NCAA Tournament, Coach K seems very agitated. You may recall he was not happy with the crowd after Duke lost to UNC last weekend. Now he's cutting off his players. What a final impression he's leaving.

[UPDATE: The original article misidentified a clip as the second time that Coach K interrupted Moore.]