Coach K Amazed Duke Gets Same No-Call As Every Other Basketball Team in the World For Once

Stephen Douglas
Coach K "Amazing" Press Conference After Duke vs. Syracuse
Coach K "Amazing" Press Conference After Duke vs. Syracuse / ACC Digital Network

Syracuse beat Duke on Monday night, 64-62. It was Duke’s third straight loss and Coach Mike Krzyzewski was not happy. First he snubbed some Syracuse players while trying to get through the handshake line. Then in his postgame press conference, Coach K referred to the end of the game as “amazing,” “literally amazing,” and even threw in a “God bless America” for good measure.

The word “amazing” was used nine times. I’m not sure if Coach K knows what “amazing” actually means. There is nothing amazing about not getting a shooting foul call on the other side of half-court in the final seconds of a basketball game. In fact, it’s quite normal. Nobody gets that call. Not even Duke at Cameron Indoor. The fact that the winningest coach in college basketball history would act like this after a regular season loss? That’s amazing.