VIDEO: CNN Abruptly Cuts From Air Raid Sirens in the Ukraine to Upbeat Applebee's Commercial

Stephen Douglas

Russia has invaded Ukraine and cable news networks like CNN have gone to wall-to-wall coverage. The first images out of Ukraine's major cities have been chilling with reporters on the ground reacting in real time as explosions are heard in the background of live shots. This morning CNN went into a commercial break while showing a live shot of air raid sirens in Kyiv.

The transition to an Applebee's ad blaring Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried" was jarring.

If it had been a normal cut to commercial it would have been surreal enough, but the fact that the commercial breaks are now mostly playing in a small box so that live footage of Ukraine remains on the screen is especially awkward. Obviously, there's nothing that can be done because the ads have already been purchased, but as news coverage of the situation continues we're just going to see more awkward instances like this.