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CNN's Sara Sidner Moved to Tears While Reporting on Los Angeles' Coronavirus Nightmare

Kyle Koster

It's absolutely gutting to realize that scenes like the one below have become par for the news-cycle course. And that there seems to be no signs of them abating because the tragedy driving them is only deepening.

CNN's Sara Sidner, reporting for New Day from Los Angeles this morning, was overcome with emotion as the collective grief bubbled to the surface. Alisyn Camerota was there with an understanding assist, as she too has regrettably been in the position to deal with a devastated journalist on the other side of the feed.

What remains striking is the simplicity of the message still unheeded. Care about other people. Care about them enough to make choices that ensure their safety. It's as simple as that. Underneath all the complexities there's a baseline of behavior that could be enacted to prevent this nightmare from getting worse and more families impacted.

And yet, we will surely be back here a week or month from now, watching another human moved to devastation by the devastation of fellow humans. Deeply, deeply disconcerting.