CNN's Sara Sidner Confronted By Brooklyn Center Protestor In Tense Live Moment

Kyle Koster

Protestors are out on the streets of Brooklyn Center, Minn. tonight after a police officer shot and killed Duante Wright following a traffic stop. One man changed the direction of CNN's live shot by confronting Sara Sidner, who was there reporting on the unrest, with an array of complaints about media coverage.

The emotional exchange contained some very strong language.

Two things stand out. One, Sidner was remarkably unfazed and made an earnest effort to engage, offering the man a giant live microphone. Secondly, that's an authentic brand of righteous anger on display.

Sidner addressed the moment a bit later, vowing to keep doing what she's been doing for years.

It's normal to vacillate between thinking cable news is doing more harm than good and believing it's important to get an unfiltered look at exactly what's going on without varnish or any idea of where it's going.