CNN's Manu Raju Survives Casual Cicada Attack

Stephen Douglas
Manu Raju after a cicada attack.
Manu Raju after a cicada attack. /

The cicadas have awoken from their 17-year slumber to annoy people. That includes CNN's Manu Raju, who was reporting live from Washington, D.C. yesterday when one scaled his suit jacket while he was setting up for a live shot. It's honestly like something out of a horror movie watching this rather large bug crawl around his neck and disappear.

Raju was able to toss the unwanted visitor easily, but he was clearly shaken. And lucky not in the middle of a live shot because he had some NSFW language for the insect as people laughed at his misfourtune and asked if there were more on him.

Even worse than the bug attack is the fact that he is now the CNN Cicada Guy.

At least it's better than people thinking you ate a fly.