CNN's Joe Johns Heroically Battles Raccoon Before Rolling Straight Into Live Shot

Liam McKeone
Joe Johns, moments after battling a raccoon
Joe Johns, moments after battling a raccoon /

Have you ever had to deal with a raccoon running around your property, digging around in places it shouldn't? I have. I found a raccoon in my family's trash can once in suburban Massachusetts. After opening up the trash can and realizing what resided in there, I frantically slammed the lid shut, stood there for a moment, and then lugged the can out of the garage into the yard. I then closed the garage door, kicked over the trash can, and sprinted into my house. The raccoon, which didn't seem particularly happy about being awoken in such a manner, lumbered off to someone else's yard in what I feel can only be described as a groggy state, if such a state can be attributed to an animal.

Anyway, all that is to say that I did not handle my raccoon experience nearly as well as CNN's Joe Johns, who scared one off and then rolled right into a live TV shot like nothing happened.

The man flips from yelling "RAAA" at an animal to reporting on the president's schedule without missing a damn beat. Consummate professional indeed.

The life of a White House reporter continues to be strange and bizarre in ways nobody could have ever anticipated. Yesterday, it was dystopia in the press room. Today, wild animals are encroaching on live shots. No rest for the weary in the year 2020. I'm sure Johns will take it all in stride, though.