CNN Reporter Yelling at a Huge, Celebrating Atlanta Crowd to Pipe Down While He Talks is God-Level Confidence

Kyle Koster

With the results of the presidential election known, several of America's cities are packed to the gills with jubilant crowds. CNN's Gary Tuchman is in the midst of one of them, Atlanta, where things are popping off. But Tuchman would prefer it pop off more when he's not on-air and less when he's trying to speak.

How do I know this? Because he told thousands of people to pipe down when he's speaking like it would actually do something. Spoiler alert: it didn't do all that much.

This isn't as broad as most of the Anchorman-turns-reality stuff, but it may be the most believable crossover event. If you close your eyes you can hear Brian Fantana absolutely unloading on an unruly bunch losing their collective minds at the San Diego Zoo.

God grant us all the confidence to think we have the type of power to silence a nation with methods pulled from a fourth-grade teacher's playbook.