Michael Wolff Blasts Brian Stelter, Media At Large During CNN Interview

Liam McKeone
Brian Stelter can't control his laughter
Brian Stelter can't control his laughter /

Michael Wolff has been on a big media tour of late following the release of his newest book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency. He appeared on CNN on Sunday afternoon as a part of that media tour. Brian Stelter hosted and asked questions.

At some point during that interview, Wolff went on a long tangent about the problems the media industry has and took shots at Stelter, specifically, about his role in claiming CNN is the the "virtuous" side of the news after years of fake news claims by Donald Trump. After letting Wolff ramble for a few minutes, Stelter then asked the important question: if he has so many problems with CNN, why did he appear on CNN?

Wolff's answer is simple and very expected: he's a book salesman.

The best part about this is obviously Stelter's inability to contain his laughter. Hard to blame him, too. It takes a bold man indeed to organize a booking on a news network and then spend a chunk of that booking criticizing the same network.