CNN Finds Most Interesting Man on the Street, Who Just So Happened to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


Interviewing people on the street is a time-honored and time-tested tradition. A staple of news from small- to big-time. Best perfected by Harvey Levin who would almost badger passers-by about their thoughts on a verdict in a case they were absent-mindedly watching. Wait, was The People's Court subversive? Was it sending up the American judicial system?

Alas, on to the issue at hand. CNN's Cyril Vanier was on the streets of London this morning, where he encountered 91-year-old Martin Kenyon, fresh off becoming one of the first people in the world to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Kenyon was more than ready to star in a five-minute segment.

The man simply took the microphone and didn't stop until he'd explored every corner of the space.

He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Absolutely impossible to get a detailed read on what he's all about. Except staying alive, which he is very much trying to do.

One thing he is for certain is unflappable. You could put Kenyon in any situation, the biggest stage in the world and he wouldn't know to do anything but be himself.

Do you know how many duds you have to get through before finding a diamond on the pavement like that? Great instincts by Vanier to let the man cook.