Sorry, CNN's Magic Wall Was Definitely Not Open to PornHub

Kyle Koster

In an example of how fast even harmless and humorous disinformation can spread, a fellow named Patrick tweeted a clearly altered clip of CNN's John King swiping away a PornHub browser from his Magic Wall at 4:30 in the morning. It currently has 45,000 pure retweets and not one, but two of my former high school classmates have shared it on Facebook, a number that will surely rise in the coming hours.

And look, that'd be great if that were true. We could all use the laugh. But, quite obviously, it's not something that actually happened. To the video tapes:

This is one of the extremely rare cases when you can say "come at the King you best not miss" and not be immediately dismissed as a bit of a Chad. We're a fractured nation but people can band together behind the idea of protecting the good name of CNN's Map Man.

Not for nothing, the logistics of the allegation don't make a ton of sense either. The studio is a very public place! What's the end game here? Of course, poise and rationality hasn't stopped legions of similar incidents in collegiate computer labs.

We're all stressed right now. Let's try to keep our pants on and our skepticism up.