CNN's Brooke Baldwin, Recovered from Coronavirus, Documented Her Plasma Donation

Kyle Koster
2018 DVF Awards
2018 DVF Awards / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin fought coronavirus back in April and emerged on the other side reasonably healthy. She's been candid about the loneliness and fear that came with the battle. Today, she featured a package documenting her journey trying to help those who are fighting and will fight the virus by donating her plasma.

It was obviously a personal story for Baldwin, but she mentioned one of the goals was to show how relatively easy it was to donate. She also included the stories of those who have benefited from the plasma.

The old manta of never becoming the story is extremely outdated for a good reason. Still, it's good to see stuff like this for two reasons. One, it humanizes on-air talent in a very real way because it strips away all ego. Second, it highlights the relative simplicity of following in footsteps toward helping should a person be so inclined.

Something positive.