Here's Clyde Edwards-Helaire Pronouncing His Own Name Like That

Kyle Koster
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's borderline unfair that Clyde Edwards-Helaire fell all the way to the Kansas City Chiefs, who have wasted no time in incorporating his impressive skill set into an already deadly-efficient offense. But he did and that's what they're doing and no one, including the staunchest NFL defenses, can stop him. This means that when the running back is on the field, it's extremely likely he'll have his number called and his name pronounced.

And, oh boy, did the fellas in the Monday Night Football booth get a lot of repetitions last night during KC's thumping of Baltimore. Steve Levy in particular must have said Edwards-Helaire six dozen times, every time with the H silent, leading the unwashed masses on the internet to get slightly hot and moderately bothered about the pronunciation.

But you know what? They were just doing their job properly.

Here's Edwards-Helaire saying his name himself. That way.

There we go. Straight from the workhorse's mouth. Now we wait for all apologies to roll in. Should be any moment now.

Clyde Edwards ... Eeeeeeeelaire it is.