Clippers Rumors: Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler Could Team Up In LA


Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler could wind up teaming up, as the Los Angeles Clippers are looking to add both in free agency.

Leonard reportedly wants to play with another top-tier star, so if he heads to the Clippers, they’ll have to add one. Clippers adviser Jerry West is a big fan of Butler, so it would be a fit for the franchise. That said, it would be expensive.

Leonard and Butler would be in line for four-year, $141 million, with starting salaries at $32.7 million. To make that happen, the Clippers would certainly have to move the $22.6 million they owe Danilo Gallinari for the 2019-20 season. Though, that might not be as big a problem as some might think:

Gallinari could wind up on the Philadelphia 76ers if the two teams can work out a sign-and-trade.

Expect this and more crazy rumors to heat up as we approach the start of free agency on Sunday at 6 p.m. ET.