Clippers Assistant Mike Woodson Helps Himself to Fan's Food

Ryan Glasspiegel
Mike Woodson eating a fans chips 4-22-15
Mike Woodson eating a fans chips 4-22-15 / mike sham

As it was becoming evident that last night’s Spurs-Clippers game was going to be a nail-biter, Mike Woodson couldn’t help but take notice of a fan’s food nearby.

Whether or not the Clippers assistant had permission to swoop in and grab a bite is not clear, but either way this was a power move. Not satisfied with plain old chips (if that is indeed what he grabbed), he even went for the dip. To slightly paraphrase Fat Joe, real boss people do real boss things.

UPDATE: Or maybe, as one of our commenters speculates, it’s his own food? Either way, still a power move.

[Video by Shamburger; H/T Le Batard]