Clint Capela's Blind, Behind-the-Back Steal Was the Coolest Defensive Play in NBA History

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Clint Capela has been a part of plenty of highlights in his nine seasons in the NBA, but until last night, he never had a signature moment. Now he does thanks to a defensive play so unique, I'm not sure we've ever seen it before in any level of basketball. To call it the greatest defensive play in the history of the NBA is a bit of an oversell, but who knows if we'll ever see this again?

Seeing the brief description of the video in the tweet, I'm really not sure what I expected, but I am certain my expectations were exceeded. This is closer to something a hockey goalie might both try and pull off than anything you'll see in basketball. Had Capela simply deflected the ball out of bounds, it would have been a great play. The fact that he somehow caught it is incredible.

This is why you watch sports. This was a meaningless game between the Atlanta Hawks and the already eliminated Washington Wizards. And it provided a highlight where one of the best athletes in the world did something insanely cool.