Cleveland Radio Guy Calls Baker Mayfield a 'F---ing Midget' On Hot Mic

Kyle Koster
Baker Mayfield, a male of above-average height
Baker Mayfield, a male of above-average height / Jason Miller/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield is listed at 6-foot-1, which isn't very tall for a quarterback. He's proven, though, that he can be occasionally effective at the position, just like fellow shorter signal-callers Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have found a way to succeed. But nothing is a better reminder of the veritable long and lean beef about to enter the league than the NFL Combine, where the quarterbacks are mostly tall enough to reach stuff on the top shelf.

The gang at ESPN Cleveland, thinking their microphones were off, took a tour around the league and lamented the state of affairs for the Browns.

That is not ideal. The correct term is little person. And the correct way to do radio is to not get caught calling the local franchise quarterback an f---ing anything.

UPDATE: ESPN Cleveland has suspended Tony Grossi, who made the remark.