Cleveland Indians Manager Terry Francona Thinks Franchise Should Change Its Name

Ryan Phillips
Terry Francona, Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Terry Francona, Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Count Terry Francona among those who want the Cleveland Indians to change their name. During a Zoom call after a workout on Sunday, Francona was asked about the franchise potentially changing its name and he responded, "I think it's time to move forward."

Here's more from Francona on the issue:

""I've been thinking about it and been thinking about it before we put out that statement. I know in the past, when I've been asked about, whether it's our name or the Chief Wahoo, I think I would usually answer and say I know that we're never trying to be disrespectful. And I still feel that way. But I don't think that's a good enough answer today. I think it's time to move forward. It's a very difficult subject. It's also delicate.""

Francona acknowledged he may not have had the best perspective on the issue in the past:

""Even at my age, you don't want to be too old to learn or to realize that, maybe I've been ignorant of some things, and to be ashamed of it, and to try to be better. I'm glad that we're going to be open to listening because I think that's probably the most important thing right now, is being willing to listen, not necessarily just talk.""

Frankly, that's a really reasoned, smart take from Francona. People are allowed to change their perspective as they grow and learn. Growing and learning is a huge part of life and as more and more issues come to light it's on each one of us us to examine our perspective and continue to improve as people.