Cleveland Broadcaster Goes Off on 'Idiot' Fan After Season-Opening Loss

Bruce Drennan was fed up after one game.
Bruce Drennan was fed up after one game. /

The Cleveland Indians dropped their season opener on Thursday, losing by a run to the Detroit Tigers in the snow. After the game a fan called into the postgame show to complain about the loss and Drennan went off on him, calling him an idiot seven different ways.

If Larry David ever made a PG version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, that rant would be in there. It was just a masterful tell-off by the legendary Cleveland broadcaster. On the other hand, it's one game so this seems like a massive overreatction by Drennan and the fan. Of course, only one of them was yelling about the other being an ignoramous.

The best part was Drennan immediately laughing after the caller was off the air. It was clearly one of those moments where he left his own body and watched everything unfold in real time.